Download version phT 3 beta

This is a beta version. It solves the headers problem found in some servers.

You can download here phT_3_beta_0.


  • White theme.
  • Improved speed.
  • Widgets and menus.
  • Add support for for non-YAPB bogs, shows the gallery.

Download version 2.0.0 (…at last)

This version should be stable and error free.

I added a “Theme options” page for customization without need of editing CSS or php.
You can download here phT2_0_1.

Please, report any problems living a comment. If no major issues are reported I will upload the theme to WP Themes repository.

Thanks for all your previous comments and support.

Download Release Candidate 2.0

I’m working on a new release. New features are:

  • auto-resizing images and theme depending on visitor’s screen resolution
  • square thumbs
  • add “mosaic” as standard menu
  • polyglot support
  • add some css options
  • mysite_config.php to define your customs options… to make easier to upgrade new versions.


  • tags archives

You can download here But… remember is an RC.

Download version 1.2 (STABLE)

This theme is for learning propose. It’s based on KISS principle. It’s a good place to start coding your own photoblog theme for yapb.

I fixed some validation bugs, added a favicon and start some option for color customization.

You can see it working at my photoblog.

You can download the demo theme here: pht version 1.2

I’ve migrated my photoblog from folderblog to a WordPress+yapb+phT photoblog to test phT with a real photoblog (more than 1200 pics).

I’ve solved some bugs, the next version is coming soon, I’ll really appreciate some feed back if you try 1.1 version.

I’ve planned to release the following features:

  1. Color customization
  2. favicon
  3. Valid xhtml (there was some errors in 1.1)

PD: Thanks Steve Campbell for your feed back.

Download version 1.1

This very simple blog it’s only for download phT theme for WordPress+yapb photoblogging solution.

These theme is compatible with WP2.0,WP2.1 and WpMu 1.0.

Programming was made by Fran Simó as part of Barcelona Photobloggers project.

You can see phT working at

You can download the demo theme here:

Remember to change functions.php for your prefered resolution. How-to will come soon.