Download version 1.2 (STABLE)

This theme is for learning propose. It’s based on KISS principle. It’s a good place to start coding your own photoblog theme for yapb.

I fixed some validation bugs, added a favicon and start some option for color customization.

You can see it working at my photoblog.

You can download the demo theme here: pht version 1.2


  • Erwin says:


    Any ideas on how to make an archive that shows all thumbnails on 1 page? 🙂

  • Fran Simó says:

    Yes, all your post should be in one category named “all”.

    Within WordPress options put a big number in “Show at most”

    Thumbs pages in pht are category archives.

  • Erwin says:

    Great, got it working.

    Thanks for your help and the theme. 🙂

  • irene says:

    Hi, does this script automatically scale down large images? or does it have a fix measurement of image? thanks. irene

  • Fran Simó says:

    Yes, this script re-sizes images according its configuration. You can upload any bigger size than your screen size.

  • eli says:

    This is a great template for YAPB. The only problem I’m having with it is that I can’t get an archives generated. I’m using the newest version of WP which doesn’t have options-reading.php in the file structure. Any suggestions?


  • Fran Simó says:

    Can you send me your URL?
    Archive are generated as categories, try something like

  • jody says:

    I can’t figure out how to get an archives page either. I have tried everything.

    Any suggestions?

  • Fran Simó says:

    Jody… your case it’s quite strange… I write you a private mail to try to find some solution.

  • Joost says:

    Hi, I can’t get the archives working either. I created a mosaic page and should probably use a mosaic template, but it is not there.
    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance

  • paula says:


    Im using your template as a base for a clients site, and i ran into an issue i was hoping you could help me out.

    basically the site must display the works of two photographers, each would have their own part of the site.
    since both of them would use essentially the same categories, i have been trying to divide their content using custom fields;
    so when visiting one photographers side, the content is relevant to that photographer…

    but i haven’t been able to get it working…
    do you think you could have an idea for this?



  • Fran Simó says:

    paula phT is designed for one author… I’m sorry.
    If you find a solution, please let me know.

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